Thought Leadership Seed Grant Opportunities

Program Guidelines

Georgia Tech's strategic plan, “Designing the Future” calls for increasing leadership in defining and shaping the world, rather than responding to or being shaped by it. The new SEI RFP closely follows this challenge, seeking proposals from the Georgia Tech community for projects that will promote thought leadership in the energy arena. Its goal is to complement the significant amount of energy research that is happening on campus, by encouraging and supporting activities with a clear thought leadership emphasis on energy issues.

This RFP solicits proposals directed toward these aspirations, with a particular emphasis on activities where external funding is difficult to obtain, yet that are important in terms of promoting one of the following three SEI goals:

  1. Developing and nurturing the energy research community across the campus and in the state
  2. Growing the resource base for GT energy research
  3. Growing the thought leadership projected by GT

We want to facilitate activities that define frameworks, develop road maps, and convene thought-leaders around complex energy issues. For example, proposals that link-up groups across different colleges are highly encouraged, such as those that integrate technical discipline expertise with system analysis or economics/policy/business aspects.