EPICenter Summer 2017 RFP - Eligibility

EPICenter Request for Proposals - Eligibility and Proposals Categories

Eligible Applicants
This RFP solicits proposals within its three primary objective categories from researchers within the Georgia Tech community individually or in collaboration with public and private entities within their Southeastern U.S. networks. Collaborative projects and exchanges may include but are not limited to, entities in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Virginia, and Tennessee. These entities could include universities, national labs, think tanks, NGO’s, or other research centers. These funds can be used by external partners in support of their activities, although we strongly encourage them to waive overhead of these foundation funds.

Proposal Categories
The list below enumerates potential proposal areas. It should be emphasized, however, that this list is not exhaustive; other approaches and ideas are also encouraged.

1. Study Support
Proposals are solicited for complementary policy and road-mapping studies that address center goals. In particular, study ideas are solicited that serve as “add-ons” to existing projects (e.g., state, federal, or industrially funded) at GT or at regional project partners, that will address a distinctly regional view, and leverage funds that the proposer has already obtained. It is anticipated that such add-on studies would be on the order of $10-20K, but could be larger if they are particularly impactful.

Illustrative examples include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • Consider a College of Engineering or College of Science faculty member (or someone who is a faculty member in the region) who is PI on an NSF-funded project that is completely focused on a given technology/science topic. An Ivan Allen or Scheller faculty might partner with them and propose to this RFP to address some policy, economic, or business angle, that adds additional perspectives (e.g., techno-economic or policy scenario assessment) to the S&T study. 
  • Consider also an ongoing Ivan Allen or Scheller study focused on a socio-economic, policy, or sustainable business project with a need to propose funding to access expertise from the Colleges of Design, Engineering, Science or Computing. Such add-ons can be valuable when a particular technology scope is being examined, for instance, from the perspective of S&T policy, impacts of technology transitions, or the development of new business models.

While these examples are illustrative, a key concept here is to ensure two-way exchanges among the colleges in GT and with regional partners, including support to fund economic and policy considerations for science and engineering research projects, and vice versa.

2. Scholarly Exchanges, to include Faculty and Students
Proposals are solicited to support visiting scholars/fellows from the states identified above in pursuit of collaborative research engagement. These could be faculty or students, and the exchange could take place at Georgia Tech or in special cases, in Washington, DC. It is anticipated that such requests would be on the order of $1 – 10K.

3. Hosted Events
Proposals are solicited for faculty interested in hosting individual seminars or seminar series that address center goals. It is anticipated that such requests would range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

4. Educational Development and Workforce Development
Proposals are sought for the development of education and outreach tools, such as Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs), online tools, apps, videos. These could be addressed to the general public, students, specialists, the media, or other stakeholders. This category also includes formal content in a module format that could support a formal undergraduate energy-oriented course. It is anticipated that such requests would be on the order of $2 – 10K.

5. General Fund Support to facilitate related center research, engagement, impact
Potential proposals could be in a variety of areas that would further facilitate center goals, including software, data sets, Materials & Supplies (M&S), or travel. It is anticipated that such requests would be on the order of hundreds of dollars to $10K.

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